Here at Inspirations we provide a home for children and young people who have particular needs that make it impractical for them to live at home, or who expressly prefer not to be placed with foster carers. We also cater to young people who display challenging and complex behaviour and would best benefit from a secure, stable environment within a small home setting.


Inspirations have been operating for a number of years and are expanding at a significant rate, whilst still maintaining the friendly, family-feel of a smaller organisation. Our success has led us to extend our services into Northamptonshire, with our home in Desborough opened in August 2022 and our home in Rothwell in February 2023. Further plans are in place to open additional homes in this area with the support and guidance of our experienced and knowledgeable staff teams that are well established in Oadby.




We believe that all children and young people should be supported through therapeutic practices in every way possible. Our staff teams are provided with intensive therapeutic training, drawing on the knowledge and guidance of our Clinical Psychologist team, as well as using state-of-the art Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to provide an in-depth awareness of what our children and young people may have experienced in their early life.


We believe investing in our staff team provides an excellent foundation for them to provide the best care possible, and support them to achieve the most positive outcomes for our children and young people.




We have recently opened a brand-new Family Assessment Centre in Leicester, currently offering a home for 3 families with babies or young children. We aim to provide excellence in support for children who can live with their families while parenting skills are developed and assessed. We offer a safe environment for parents and expectant parents who have experienced difficulties providing safe parenting for their children/unborn children. Whilst we offer a service to parents and children of all ages, we specialise in undertaking assessments of pregnant people and parents with young children or babies.